Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hey, no towels man!

Sorry I've been quiet.  Work's been for sucks lately.
Two random thoughts I wanted to share for posterity that no one cares about.
First...I've become addicted to golf.  I played a little in high school, but I decided this summer that I wanted to be a credit to my race.  I've played 3 times already and I can't stop.  It's like crack.  Expensive and addicting.  And I'm getting better...I've gone from 134 to 125 to 116.  If I keep playing look out, Tiger.
Second...had my first screaming nightmare since I was a kid the other night.   I dreamt I was back in my family home and while I was sleeping, my two stepbrothers decided to attack me.  I dreamt they were getting near my bed and I rolled over to defend myself.  In doing so, my arm hit my wife, and thinking it was one of them, I hit her and started screaming.  Needless to say I freaked the shit out of her, not to mention myself.  Man, I'm turning into Bushwick Bill.


At July 20, 2004 at 6:45 PM, Blogger Uch said...

(1) Didn't your other stepbrother (the more insane one) write a song about something like that?

(2) Bushwick Bill- one of the three rap greats (along with ODB/Big Baby Jesus and, obviously, Flav) whose mere name throws me into fits of audible laughter.


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