Thursday, July 08, 2004

4 Posts In One Day!

But this one I couldn't resist

RBI Baseball Lives

RBI Baseball kicked ass. We spent WAY too much time playing this our freshman year, complete with a prize belt that was passed around as champions were defeated (OK, so it was a highly decorated paper plate...details).

Now, apparently I can figure out a way to play it on my PC. And get totally whacked on the drinking game in the process.

What's next? Blades of Steel?


At July 10, 2004 at 10:19 PM, Blogger Steve said...

The only thing better than RBI baseball is Gantry's RBI baseball page. When I first found that, I got my Nintendo from my parent's house so I could start playing again. Unfortunately, as you may recall, the computer sucks and winning by slaughter rule in the 2nd inning becomes boring.

When an RBI baseball league is started, I will join. I need to find some computer geek to work it so you can play it online.

As for playing it on your PC, I can hook you up if you can't find it.

Blades of Steel too. I've punched Uch more than once over a game of Blades of Steel. Right in the fucking face. God that always felt good.

Steve Alex


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