Thursday, June 24, 2004

Yet ANOTHER Reason to hate the GERMANS!!!

With all apologies to my boy Clubber, this story just proves it yet again, those damn Germans need to go!!

British women are Europe's least hairy

"British women are the least hairy in Europe.

But their German counterparts are the hairiest, according to a survey by razor manufacturer Wilkinson.

A Europe-wide study from the company looked at the hair-removal habits of 1,000 women.

The survey found British girls are the ones who undertake the most hair removal, with more than 93% saying they use razors before wearing skirts and shorts for the summer.

Germans fell way behind with just 40% saying they regularly shaved. This however shows an improvement of seven per cent from studies carried out two years ago.

Spanish women ranked just behind the British with 82% preferring the smooth to the natural look. French and Italian ladies lay in the middle - but with more shaving than not.

I mean, it's re-stating an obvious fact. I mean, who do YOU think takes better care of their, uh, personal landscaping.....Elizabeth Hurley or Katarina Witt? I mean, c'mon!!!!


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